So it’s Saturday and I figured I’d do a wound down post on fashion, ergo ‘Fashion Saturday’ . (These things usually sound way cooler in my head)

Anyways, I’ve recently been obsessing over this mixed print trend. Something I have actually pulled off a few times but didn’t quite understand the rules.

I mean a minute ago it was uncool to mix prints, right? Fashion really is always evolving and somehow we find ways to keep up.

So what do I do?

Contact Fashion and Lifestyle blogger ByTonye to help out with the do and don’ts of mixing and matching.

Read along and let’s become style connoisseurs.

(Maybe not totally but , yeah…)


Acquiring complete knowledge or skill of mixing prints can be fun, but styling can be like solving a puzzle; tricky and its doesn’t come easy. Mixing print (print-on-print) which combines two or more different patterns gives an exuberant effect. Mixing prints went from being a huge fashion faux pas – floral on floral, plaids on polka dot, leopard prints on floral, stripes with bigger stripes, patterns on patterns or even plaid on zebra prints – to actually wanting to mix prints and if you do it right, you can pull it off without looking like someone wearing a smorgasbord of prints.

A casual slay Photocredit : Instagram

Think of mixing and matching prints like a “closet puzzle”. When you buy a new printed piece, think of something in your closet you can pair it with.

All you need is a few guidelines – a lot of attitude – and you’ll be mixing and matching in no time. To help you navigate the charming — albeit, confusing — realm of patterns, we found style photos that will walk you through it all.

1. Keep your fabrics in the same color family.

photocredit : pinterest

2. Pick different print with different pattern that share same color.

Photocredit : Instagram (theladyvhodka)

3.Pick two different prints that share a single colour.

photocredit: Instagram (@chimastyle)

4. Pick two different colors that share the same prints.

Photocredit : Instagram (theladyvhodka)
Photocredit: Instagram(@furehx)

5. Choose neutrals and treat stripes as neutrals.

photocredit: Instagram(jtofashion)

6. Pair neutral prints with colourful prints.

Photocredit: pinterest
photocredit: Instagram(ada_oguntodu)

7.Opposite attracts.

8.When in doubt, wear black and white

If you are just starting out with mixing prints, stick to mixing two prints. If you feel extra try three but you don’t want to overdo it and mix together every item in your closet. Yes, plaid and stripes do go together and in order for a mixed print look to look chic, think of creating an organized chaos illusion.

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