I am so excited to be featured on here. God knows I love to travel and see new destinations. Recently I got a chance to be somewhere new, the seat of the Caliphate; Sokoto , for the mandatory one year National Youth Corp Service exercise. Here is Day 5 of
  Happy New Year, everyone! Glad we all made it! *fireworks and pretty stuff*. So my first post for the year is on my visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) , Lagos.     First off, I want to clarify that Lekki Conservation Centre is not a zoo. Established
So I have this love hate relationship with food. There are a lot of things I don’t exactly like but I’d eat either way. What do I enjoy? A good salad, meat *insert the Tiv girl jokes here*, yogurt, anything with vegetables and meat (don’t judge me) and pringles. So
If you had previously thought Chicago was named the windy city because of the freezing gusts of wind that hits you unexpectedly at random times then you were not wrong. But that’s not the only thing notable about the old city of Chicago. Here are a few of the many
Is there that one thing you always wondered what its name in English is? I know I had and still have a lot of those. I remember a few English words even, that being a child, I didn’t  exactly get. Shock absorber for instance; I always thought it was “shokodzova”*sigh*