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    1. work jointly on an activity or project.
      “he collaborated with him on numerous hotel projects”
      synonyms: cooperate, join (up), join forces, team up, get together, come together, band together, work together, work jointly, participateunitecombinemergelinkallyassociateamalgamateintegrate, form an alliance, pool resources, club together

    Before the end of last year, there was no denying the charge of  positive energy towards 2018 that was all in the air.

    Thankfully, nothing has changed yet and I am totally going to surf that wave as much as it holds up. How?

    2018  is going to be the year to ‘Collaborate and Create’ with as many travel bloggers and creatives that share common interests. It will also be a chance for me to take bold steps towards finding areas outside my comfort zone that I can learn more about.

    Why Collaborate?

    There are days when you just are “unable to can”. No motivation, no inspiration or worse still, you  have ideas you cannot properly express.

    On days like this I just wish I had a blogger bud I could speak to.

    Doing it alone sometimes can be truly overwhelming. However when you are able to compartmentalize, and this includes taking on projects with people that share the same creative or professional inclinations as you, it lifts a load off your shoulders. And, the exchange of ideas put a new perspective on things you might not have been able to come up with all on your own.

    Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves

    How do I get started?

    First of all, you’re going to  have to be the type of person people would be willing to work with. Your attitude, your passion, time management and work ethics in general have to be positive enough to draw people to your goal as well.

    Then, you would also do your research. You need to find out what it is you’ve been having a hard time accomplishing on your own or something you’ve always wanted to do as a joint project.

    Another  thing is  to find a team; someone or a group of people that share this vision or believe in this said vision.

    This can be challenging, co your ‘team’ might be people you have never had any contact or professional relationship with prior to your contact. Still, you’re going to have to ask and make your intentions and terms as clear as possible.

    “I usually don’t like diz axing sturvz, eez nor in my nature.”

    Sis, you’re going to have to learn. That honestly used to be me, but  you can’t keep self sabotaging yourself and your ideas/projects because you’re afraid of rejection.

    If one door closes you knock on another. With a determination to bring your dream to life, closed doors are just a chance to  move on to the next one. I mean it was a no when you didn’t try anyways, you might be surprised how many other people are looking for a chance to collaborate too.

    I’m not even going to lie, it gets a tad frustrating having contact over 20 people looking for positive feedback. Don’t give up though. Remember, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

    Open Call!

    So, what better time to start than now, right?

    This is my open call to all travel, lovers, blogger, writers and enthusiasts. I would love to collaborate and create with as many of you as you would do me the honor to.

    You can indicate in the comment section below or drop your email addresses and we can totally talk about it.

    Looking forward to a very productive year and I wish you all the best in your projects. 🙂

    Photo Credit  📷: Pinterest, pixabay